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resize2fs : ext2/ext3/ext4 file system resizer

chown : change file owner and group

fsck : check and repair a Linux filesystem

fsck.ext4 : check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system

mkfs.ext3 : create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem

mkfs : build a Linux filesystem

passwd : change user password

rename : renames multiple files

mkfs.msdos : create an MS-DOS file system under Linux

find : search for files in a directory hierarchy

iconv : Convert encoding of given files from one encoding to another

busybox : The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux

fusermount : mount and unmount FUSE filesystems

gst-launch-1.0 : build and run a GStreamer pipeline

unlink : call the unlink function to remove the specified file

install-sgmlcatalog : maintain transitional SGML catalog

mount.ntfs : Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver

start-stop-daemon : start and stop system daemon programs

mkisofs :

mkdosfs : create an MS-DOS file system under Linux

update-grub : stub for grub-mkconfig

chattr : change file attributes on a Linux file system

ls : list directory contents

MAKEDEV : create devices

modinfo : Show information about a Linux Kernel module

tune2fs : adjust tunable filesystem parameters on ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems

pidof : - find the process ID of a running program.

fdisk : manipulate disk partition table

hdparm : get/set SATA/IDE device parameters

kerneloops : program to collect and submit kernel oopses to

cweave : translate CWEB to C and/or TeX

mkfs.bfs : make an SCO bfs filesystem

loadunimap : load the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table

python2.7 : an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

arch : print machine hardware name (same as uname -m)

sha1sum : compute and check SHA1 message digest

touch : change file timestamps

avconv : avconv video converter

setkeycodes : load kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table entries

mt-gnu : control magnetic tape drive operation

split : split a file into pieces

swapoff : enable/disable devices and files for paging and swapping

badblocks : search a device for bad blocks

ntfsinfo : dump a file’s attributes

nohup : run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty

fsck.msdos : check and repair MS-DOS filesystems

airtun-ng : a virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng

mkfs.ext4dev : create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem

alias :

bridge : show / manipulate bridge addresses and devices

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