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a2ensite : enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host

lame : create mp3 audio files

loadunimap : load the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table

sha1sum : compute and check SHA1 message digest

nohup : run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty

ping : 6 send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts

start-stop-daemon : start and stop system daemon programs

spd-conf : A simple tool for basic configuration of Speech Dispatcher and problem diagnostics

gst-launch-1.0 : build and run a GStreamer pipeline

apachectl : Apache HTTP server control interface

cweave : translate CWEB to C and/or TeX

airtun-ng : a virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng

update-grub : stub for grub-mkconfig

passwd : change user password

iconv : Convert encoding of given files from one encoding to another

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