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With more than 5400 examples for more than 3200 commands, multiple ways to find the command you are searching for (integrated search engine ; browse by popularity , category or alphabetical order) Linux Commands Examples is the definite place on the Internet to help you taking the most of your POSIX compatible system, should it be a Linux distro, a Mac, an Android, or even a Raspberry PI!

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This is excellent. Just what I was looking for as a Linux novice.
Thanks very helpfull.
This site is what I call a very good idea.
Leandro F.
Looks cool.
Linux Commands Examples which contains a number of Linux Command examples. Linux Commands Examples explains to us how to use Linux Commands in details. Of course, there are many this kind of website available, but this one has got a particularly huge collection of examples comparing to others. "When do we use this command?" : this website can answer a question such as this one, hence it can be very practical. If you’re interested, you should visit this website.
Linux Commands Examples,
Well, that's just... AWESOME!
Jorge H. P. M.
This is very helpful for me, special the examples .

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Passionate about Linux and web-development, I have settled recently in Hamburg, north Germany, after having lived in several other countries. I am enjoying this kickass huge playground !
I love board games and card games, rollerblading, travelling... and I obviously enjoy a great beer/glass of wine with friends !

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Why this site ?

I love Linux, and its community. So I thought, let's be helpful to them !

Linux' Man pages are great. But it drastically lacks examples. And examples are the best way to start using a command ! You can see the most common usage and get the solution of your problem without going through all the options

But each time I needed some examples, they was scattered all over the internet in old sites with bad layout from the 2000's .

This site has thus been created to help people find great examples easily.

Now it can help you find the right command through searching or even by browsing categories.

Great, isn't it ?

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IE: just type your command in the address bar, then click add, and select the Linux Examples Logo.

Firefox : click on the google icon, just on the right of your address bar. Then select "Linux Commands Examples" at the end.

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