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load the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table

see also : mapscrn - setfont


loadunimap [ -C console ] [ -o oldmap ] [ map ]

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cp $PKG_BUILD/src/kbdrate $INSTALL/usr/bin
cp $PKG_BUILD/src/loadkeys $INSTALL/usr/bin
cp $PKG_BUILD/src/loadunimap $INSTALL/usr/bin
ln -s psfxtable psfaddtable
ln -s psfxtable psfgettable
ln -s psfxtable psfstriptable
ln -s loadunimap getunimap


The loadunimap command is obsolete - its function is now built-in into setfont. However, for backwards compatibility it is still available as a separate command.

The program loadunimap loads the specified map in the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table. If no map is given def is assumed. The default extension (that can be omitted) is .uni.

If the -o oldmap option is given, the old map is saved in the file specified.

On Linux 2.6.1 and later one can specify the console device using the -C option.

Usually one does not call loadunimap directly - its function is also built into setfont.


/usr/share/unimaps is the default directory for unicode mappings.

see also

mapscrn , setfont

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