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recompress .Z files to .gz files

see also : gzip - zmore - zdiff - zgrep - zforce - gzexe


znew [ -ftv9PK] [ name.Z ... ]

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MakeLocatePlatform <bin>znew ;
Shell <bin>znew : znew ;
MakeLocatePlatform <bin>zforce ;
Shell <bin>zforce : zforce ;


Znew recompresses files from .Z (compress) format to .gz (gzip) format. If you want to recompress a file already in gzip format, rename the file to force a .Z extension then apply znew.



Force recompression from .Z to .gz format even if a .gz file already exists.


Tests the new files before deleting originals.


Verbose. Display the name and percentage reduction for each file compressed.


Use the slowest compression method (optimal compression).


Use pipes for the conversion to reduce disk space usage.


Keep a .Z file when it is smaller than the .gz file; implies -t.


Znew does not maintain the time stamp with the -P option if cpmod(1) is not available and touch(1) does not support the -r option.

see also

gzip , zmore , zdiff , zgrep , zforce , gzexe , compress

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