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convert X font metrics into GNU troff font metrics

see also : gxditview


xtotroff [ -rresolution ] [ -spoint-size ] [ -v ] FontMap

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{ echo "$as_me:$LINENO: gxditview and xtotroff won't be built" >&5
echo "$as_me: gxditview and xtotroff won't be built" >&6;}
XPROGDIRS="src/devices/xditview src/utils/xtotroff"
# Check whether --with-appresdir or --without-appresdir was given.


xtotroff takes a FontMap, which maps groff fonts to X11 fonts, creates GNU troff metric files for all fonts listed. Each line in FontMap consists of GNU troff font name and an X font name (XLFD) pattern, separated by whitespace. Example:

TB -adobe-times-bold-r-normal--*-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1

The wildcards in the patterns are filled with the arguments to the -r and -s switches. If a font name is still ambiguous, xtotroff aborts.


It is possible to have whitespace between a command line option and its parameter.

Set the resolution for all font patterns in FontMap. The value is used for both the horizontal and vertical resolution. If not specified, a resolution of 75dpi is assumed.


Set the point size for all font patterns in FontMap. If not specified, a size of 10pt is assumed.


Print the version number.


The only supported font encodings are ’iso8859-1’ and ’adobe-fontspecific’.

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