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set an X Input device as the main pointer


xsetpointer -l | device-name

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packages="appres bdftopcf bitmap constype editres fonttosfnt fstobdf iceauth ico luit xfs xfsinfo xgamma xhost xinit xinput xkbcomp xkbevd xkbprint xkbutils xkill xload xlsatoms xlsclients xlsfonts xmodmap xrandr xrdb xrefresh xset xsetpointer xsetroot xsm xstdcmap xvidtune xvinfo xwd xwininfo xwud xdpyinfo"
# build packages


Xsetpointer sets an XInput device as the main pointer. When called with the -l flag it lists the available devices. When called with the -c/+c flag, it toggles the sending of core input events, for servers which implement a virtual core pointer; -c disables core events, and +c enables.


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