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Alter a monitor’s gamma correction through the X server

see also : xvidtune - xrandr


xgamma [-display display] [-screen screen] [-quiet] [-gamma f.f | [[-rgamma f.f] [-ggamma f.f] [-bgamma f.f]]]

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xgamma -gamma $1
xgamma -rgamma .95 -ggamma 1.0 -bgamma 1.05
export DRI_DRIVER=r600g
xgamma -gamma 1.6
./gzdoom "$@"
xgamma -gamma 1.0
xgamma -rgamma 0.90 -ggamma 0.83 -bgamma 0.74 2> /dev/null
killall redshift
xgamma -gamma 0.8
gtk-redshift $@ &


xgamma allows X users to query and alter the gamma correction of a monitor via the X video mode extension (XFree86-VidModeExtension).

Note that the xgamma utility is obsolete and deficient, xrandr should be used with drivers that support the XRandr extension.

If no value for the gamma correction is given via the -gamma or -rgamma/-ggamma/-bgamma options, xgamma prints the current gamma correction of the display.


-display display

This argument allows you to specify the server to connect to; see X(7).

-screen screen

When multiple displays are configured as a single logical display, this option allows you to select the screen you wish to change.


Silence the normal output of xgamma


Print out the ’Usage:’ command syntax summary.

-gamma f.f

The gamma correction can either be defined as a single value, or separately for the red, green and blue components. This argument specifies the gamma correction as a single value.

-rgamma f.f

This argument specifies the red component of the gamma correction.

-ggamma f.f

This argument specifies the green component of the gamma correction.

-bgamma f.f

This argument specifies the blue component of the gamma correction.


To get default host and display number.



This client changes the internal values of the gamma correction for the Xserver. Whether or not these values are respected depends on the video drivers.

The gamma values are passed to the Xserver with 3 decimal places of accuracy.

see also

xvidtune , xrandr


Kaleb S. Keithley, X Consortium.
David Dawes, David Bateman

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