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manual page for vcdxbuild 0.7.24


vcdxbuild [OPTION...] <xml-control-file>

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-i, --image-type=TYPE

specify image type for output (default: ’bincue’)

-o, --image-option=KEY=VALUE

specify image option

-c, --cue-file=FILE

specify cue file for output (default: ’videocd.cue’)

-b, --bin-file=FILE

specify bin file for output (default: ’videocd.bin’)


specify cdrdao-style image filename base


use 2336 byte sectors for output

-T, --create-time=STRING

specify creation date on files in CD image (default: current date)

-p, --progress

show progress


dump internal DTD to stdout


use given charset encoding for filenames instead of UTF8

-v, --verbose

be verbose

-q, --quiet

show only critical messages


enable GUI mode

-V, --version

display version and copyright information and exit

Help options:
-?, --help

Show this help message


Display brief usage message


Copyright © 2000-2003 Herbert Valerio Riedel <hvr[:at:]gnu[:dot:]org>

2003 Rocky Bernstein <rocky[:at:]panix[:dot:]com>

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

see also

The full documentation for vcdxbuild is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and vcdxbuild programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info vcdxbuild

should give you access to the complete manual.


Written by Herbert Valerio Riedel and Rocky Bernstein.

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