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Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the torsocks(8) library to transparently allow an application to use a SOCKS proxy.

see also : torsocks


usewithtor [application [application’s arguments]]

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usewithtor is a wrapper between the torsocks library and the application what you would like to run socksified.


[application [application’s arguments]]

run the application as specified with the environment (LD_PRELOAD) set such that torsocks(8) will transparently proxy SOCKS connections in that program.

usewithtor versus torify

usewithtor(1) and torify(1) intend to achieve the same ends for most practical purposes. However torify(1) will use a default tsocks installation if one exists. Usewithtor(1) will only ever use a torsocks(8) installation.

usewithtor versus torsocks

usewithtor runs torsocks(1) with the default configuration file, located at /etc/torsocks.conf. Running torsocks(1) directly means that no configuration file will be used (unless you manually set the TORSOCKS_CONF_FILE or TSOCKS_CONF_FILE environment variable), instead torsocks(8) will use defaults that are sensible for most Tor installations.

see also

torsocks .conf torsocks usewithtor


Robert Hogan (robert[:at:]roberthogan[:dot:]net).This script is very similar to torify(1), provided by the Tor project.

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