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iPhone/iPod Touch USB multiplex server daemon


usbmuxd [options]

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usbmuxd stands for "USB multiplexing daemon". To the user/developer what it actually does is to proxy requests over a USB cable on directly to a listening TCP port on the iPhone.



Print this message.


Be verbose (use twice or more to increase).


Do not daemonize (implies one -v).


Change to this user after startup (needs usb privileges). If USER is not specified, defaults to usbmux.


Run in udev operation mode.


Tell a running instance to exit if there are no devices connected (must be in udev mode).


Tell a running instance to exit, even if there are still devices connected (always works).


Hector Martin "marcan" <hector[:at:]marcansoft[:dot:]com>

Nikias Bassen <nikias[:at:]gmx[:dot:]li>

Paul Sladen <libiphone[:at:]paul.sladen[:dot:]org>

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