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demangle word-wrapped patches


unwrapdiff [-v] [file...]

unwrapdiff {[--help] | [--version]}

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unwrapdiff demangles patches that have been word-wrapped, in an attempt to make them useful.

The corrected diff is sent to standard output. Note that you will probably need to use the -l option when applying the patch, in order to ignore any whitespace differences there may be.



Verbose operation. A list of lines that are modified in a way that might be wrong is sent to stderr.


Display a short usage message.


Display the version number of unwrapdiff.


Some heuristics are used to decide whether use a space to recombine a wrapped line, or just join them together. Currently this is done by comparing with last three characters of a line with the first two characters of its continuation, and using a space if any of them are different.

The patch needs to have been valid before being word-wrapped.

The last line of a hunk is nearly always ambiguous. If the next line begins “@@”, “Index: ”, “diff ” or “--- ” then it is taken to be complete; otherwise it is unwrapped using the next line.


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