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run program with some namespaces unshared from parent


unshare [options] program [arguments]

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Unshares specified namespaces from parent process and then executes specified program. Unshareable namespaces are:
mount namespace

mounting and unmounting filesystems will not affect rest of the system (CLONE_NEWNS flag),

UTS namespace

setting hostname, domainname will not affect rest of the system (CLONE_NEWUTS flag),

IPC namespace

process will have independent namespace for System V message queues, semaphore sets and shared memory segments (CLONE_NEWIPC flag),

network namespace

process will have independent IPv4 and IPv6 stacks, IP routing tables, firewall rules, the /proc/net and /sys/class/net directory trees, sockets etc. (CLONE_NEWNET flag).

See the clone(2) for exact semantics of the flags.


-h, --help

Print a help message,

-m, --mount

Unshare the mount namespace,

-u, --uts

Unshare the UTS namespace,

-i, --ipc

Unshare the IPC namespace,

-n, --net

Unshare the network namespace.


The unshare command is part of the util-linux package and is available from


The unshare command drops potential privileges before executing the target program. This allows to setuid unshare.


None known so far.

see also

unshare, clone


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