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wrapper for torsocks or tsocks and tor

see also : tor - tor-resolve - torsocks


torify application [application’s arguments]

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torify is a simple wrapper that attempts to find the best underlying Tor wrapper available on a system. It calls torsocks or tsocks with a tor specific configuration file.

torsocks is an improved wrapper that explicitly rejects UDP, safely resolves DNS lookups and properly socksifies your TCP connections.

tsocks itself is a wrapper between the tsocks library and the application that you would like to run socksified.

Please note that since both method use LD_PRELOAD, torify cannot be applied to suid binaries.


You should also be aware that the way tsocks currently works only TCP connections are socksified. Be aware that this will in most circumstances not include hostname lookups which would still be routed through your normal system resolver to your usual resolving nameservers. The tor-resolve(1) tool can be useful as a workaround in some cases. The Tor FAQ at might have further information on this subject.

When used with torsocks, torify should not leak DNS requests or UDP data.

Both will leak ICMP data.

see also

tor , tor-resolve , torsocks , tsocks, tsocks.conf.


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