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Mail User Agent (MUA) and newsgroup/RSS client for X11 derived from the Mozilla suite.


thunderbird [-P profile]

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thunderbird --compose

Thunderbird, chat extension, what about notification

FiltaQuilla is an add-on that enables the user to properly and precisely configure notifications, based on built-in filters or enhanced filters. Maybe one could try to extend its functionality to filter/notify chat messages. I don't have a full answer here, but it might be a good start. I would not be surprised if the developer of this add-on would make something for chat.


How to stop smiley in Thunderbird showing up as a J?

This Lifehacker article has some explanation on what's going on. What it basically says is that when the sender types in a ":)" character, their Outlook automatically converts it into a smiley rendered in the Wingdings font. As far as I know, this happens when Outlook uses Word to edit email messages.

At the moment, I'm on a box with Outlook installed, not Thunderbird. Is it possible for you to change the encoding to ISO-8859-1 to see what happens?


command line method to paste file into Thunderbird compose window?

How about using the compose command line?

thunderbird -compose "to='',subject='Test',body='`cat /tmp/out/txt`' "

convert .dbx (outlook express) mail files to a mbox format (for thunderbird) w/o Windows?

Since no one posted a solution that was implemented nor throughly documented, I will post my solution.

As above, I simply went to a friends house who has windows installed and did the conversion the way that everyone else does it... on windows...

Another way to do this would be to run a virtual machine to do what you need but I did not have my discs as this wasn't a solution for me.


Double-click selection to select by word in Thunderbird for Linux?

It's doing that for me by default in Ubuntu 9.04. Tested it in both Firefox and Terminal. – djhowell Oct 12 '09 at 18:53

All credit to djhowell, i'm just after some free/easy points!!1 ;)


Where is the about:config box in Thunderbird 17?

In Firefox 17 the installation defaults don't give a menu at the top, just a set of tool buttons.

On the right side of the Tool bar there is a button with 3 horizontal lines which 'Displays the Application Menu'. Click on that and select Preferences -> Preferences. Select the Advanced icon which should be on the right. The first tab is General and the Config Editor button wlll be on the bottom right.


Is there a way to change Thunderbird's file permissions when saving attachments?

The application should be using what umask is set to.

What is the output of the following 2 commands ?:


cat `which thunderbird`|grep umask

read localhost e-mail with thunderbird

My first suggestion would have been to set up a simple POP or IMAP server, but this email suggests that Thunderbird has native support for local mail accounts via the movemail account type. I have never tried this out, and in your position I would probably just set up something like Dovecot (which is a POP/IMAP server).

Actually, to be honest, in your position I would simply use mutt, but that's not necessarily the best choice for all people.

EDIT: Additional discussion about Thunderbird and movemail is here.


Moving Thunderbird message pane to middle

Try to replace #messagesBox with #threadPaneBox. I found this solution at and it works with Ubuntu 10.10 and Thunderbird 7.0.1.


Is there a simple way to sync thunderbird contacts between computers, like firefox sync?

There are a couple of options I have used:

  • Google Sync which syncs your contacts to Google.
  • Contact sync like Addressbooks Synchronizer software which uploads your contacts to a server. (I used an IMAP folder.)

Other options:

  • Export contacts and load them into LDAP.
  • Use Zindus to sync contacts. (Same idea as the second option above.)
  • Other similar sync options. Search addons for sync.

EDIT: Contact sync software maintains a copy of your contacts somewhere and synchronizes your contacts to the that copy. The cycle is usually something like:

  • Download synchronization copy from server.
  • Update local copy with changes.
  • Generate new synchronization copy and upload to server.

I am currently using gContactSync to sync my contacts.


Thunderbird provides IMAP/POP support, a built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, powerful quick search, saved search folders, advanced message filtering, junk mail controls, message grouping, labels, return receipts, smart address book LDAP address completion, import tools, and the ability to manage multiple identities in email and newsgroup accounts. Thunderbird provides enterprise and government grade security such as S/MIME, digital signing, message encryption, and support for certificates and security devices.


-P profile

If no profile is given to the -P option, the profile manager will pop-up. You will be allowed to create or select a profile. Thunderbird then launches with the selected profile.

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