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prompts a user for a passphrase using GNOME



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gnome-ssh-askpass is a GNOME-based passphrase dialog for use with OpenSSH. It is intended to be called by the ssh-add(1) program and not invoked directly. It allows ssh-add(1) to obtain a passphrase from a user, even if not connected to a terminal (assuming that an X display is available). This happens automatically in the case where ssh-add is invoked from one’s ~/.xsession or as one of the GNOME startup programs, for example.

In order to be called automatically by ssh-add, gnome-ssh-askpass should be installed as /usr/bin/ssh-askpass.

environment variables

The following environment variables are recognized:

Causes gnome-ssh-askpass to grab the X server before asking for a passphrase.


Causes gnome-ssh-askpass to grab the mouse pointer using gdk_pointer_grab() before asking for a passphrase.

Regardless of whether either of these environment variables is set, gnome-ssh-askpass will grab the keyboard using gdk_keyboard_grab().


This manual page was written by Colin Watson <cjwatson[:at:]debian[:dot:]org> for the Debian system (but may be used by others). It was based on that for x11-ssh-askpass by Philip Hands.

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