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tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices


rfkill [options] command

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Show the version of rfkill.



Show rfkill’s built-in help text.


Listen for rfkill events and display them on stdout.

list [type]

List the current state of all available rfkill-using devices, or just all of the given type.

block index|type

Disable the device corresponding to the given index. type is one of "all", "wifi", "wlan", "bluetooth", "uwb", "ultrawideband", "wimax", "wwan", "gps" or "fm".

unblock index|type

Enable the device corresponding to the given index. If the device is hard-blocked, e.g. via a hardware switch, it will remain unavailable though it is now soft-unblocked.


rfkill was originally written by Johannes Berg <johannes[:at:]sipsolutions[:dot:]net> and Marcel Holtmann <marcel[:at:]holtmann[:dot:]org>.

This manual page was written by Darren Salt <linux[:at:][:dot:]uk>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

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