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compute and apply signatures and diffs to directories

see also : duplicity - python


rdiffdir [options] sig[nature] basis_dir signature_file

rdiffdir [options] delta signature_file new_dir delta_file

rdiffdir [options] patch basis_dir delta_file

rdiffdir [options] tar basis_dir tar_file

If signature_file or delta_file are "-", the data will be read from stdin or written to stdout as appropriate.

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rdiffdir is supposed to be like rdiff, but can operate on directories. See rdiff(1) for more information. The syntax is similar.


--write-sig-to sigfile

This option is only used in delta and tar modes. When specified, rdiffdir will write a signature of the directory it is processing to sigfile. The end result will be a delta and a new signature calculated over the same data.

-z, --gzip-compress

Enable gzip compression and decompression of signature and delta files.

selection options

In signature and delta modes, rdiffdir accepts duplicity-like selection options including --exclude, --exclude-filelist-stdin, etc. See the duplicity(1) manual page for more information.


Hard links are currently unsupported (they will be treated as non-linked regular files).

Bad signatures will be treated as empty instead of logging appropriate error message.

see also

duplicity , python , rdiff, rdiff-backup.


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