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Portable Document Format (PDF) document information extractor (version 3.03)

see also : pdfdetach - pdffonts - pdfimages - pdftocairo - pdftohtml - pdftoppm - pdftops - pdftotext


pdfinfo [options] [PDF-file]

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Pdfinfo prints the contents of the ´Info’ dictionary (plus some other useful information) from a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

The ´Info’ dictionary contains the following values:

creation date
modification date

In addition, the following information is printed:

tagged (yes/no)
form (AcroForm / XFA / none)
page count
encrypted flag (yes/no)
print and copy permissions (if encrypted)
page size
file size
linearized (yes/no)
PDF version
metadata (only if requested)


-f number

Specifies the first page to examine. If multiple pages are requested using the "-f" and "-l" options, the size of each requested page (and, optionally, the bounding boxes for each requested page) are printed. Otherwise, only page one is examined.

-l number

Specifies the last page to examine.


Prints the page box bounding boxes: MediaBox, CropBox, BleedBox, TrimBox, and ArtBox.


Prints document-level metadata. (This is the "Metadata" stream from the PDF file’s Catalog object.)


Prints the raw (undecoded) date strings, directly from the PDF file.

-enc encoding-name

Sets the encoding to use for text output. This defaults to "UTF-8".


Lits the available encodings

-opw password

Specify the owner password for the PDF file. Providing this will bypass all security restrictions.

-upw password

Specify the user password for the PDF file.


Print copyright and version information.


Print usage information. (-help and --help are equivalent.)

exit codes

The Xpdf tools use the following exit codes:


No error.


Error opening a PDF file.


Error opening an output file.


Error related to PDF permissions.


Other error.

see also

pdfdetach , pdffonts , pdfimages , pdftocairo , pdftohtml , pdftoppm , pdftops , pdftotext


The pdfinfo software and documentation are copyright 1996-2011 Glyph & Cog, LLC.

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