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simple decoder, Ogg Vorbis file to PCM audio file (Wave or RAW).

see also : ogg123 - oggenc - vorbiscomment - flac


oggdec [ -Qhv ] [ -b bits_per_sample ] [ -e endianness ] [ -R ] [ -s signedness ] [ -o outputfile ] file ...

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Decode a file enabler.ogg to enabler.wav
as little-endian unsigned 16-bit (default options):

oggdec enabler.ogg

Decode a file enabler.ogg to enabler.raw as headerless little-endian unsigned 16-bit:

oggdec --raw=1 enabler.ogg

Decode enabler.ogg to enabler.crazymonkey as unsigned 8-bit:

oggdec -b 8 -s 0 -o enabler.crazymonkey enabler.ogg

Decode enabler.ogg to enabler.raw as big-endian signed 16-bit (any of the following):

oggdec -R -e 1 -b 16 enabler.ogg
oggdec -R -e 1 -b 16 -o enabler.raw - < enabler.ogg
oggdec -R -e 1 -b 16 - < enabler.ogg > enabler.raw

Mass decoding (foo.ogg to foo.wav, bar.ogg to bar.wav, quux.ogg to quux.wav, etc.):

oggdec *.ogg

oggdec --quiet -o - "$1" | lame --silent -
for X in *.ogg ; do
oggdec $Y.ogg ; lame $Y.wav $Y.mp3


oggdec decodes Ogg Vorbis files into PCM-encoded ("uncompressed") audio files, either Wave or RAW format.

For each input file, oggdec writes to a filename based on the input filename, but with the extension changed to ".wav" or ".raw" as appropriate.

If the input file is specified as - , then oggdec will read from stdin, and write to stdout unless an output filename is specified. Likewise, an output filename of - will cause output to be to stdout.

Writing Wave format to stdout is a bad idea. Wave requires a seekable medium for the header to be rewritten after all the data is written out; stdout is not seekable.


-Q, --quiet

Suppresses program output.

-h, --help

Print help message.

-V, --version

Display version information.

-b n, --bits=n

Bits per sample. Valid values are 8 or 16.

-e n, --endian=n

Set endianness for 16-bit output. 0 (default) is little-endian (Intel byte order). 1 is big-endian (sane byte order).

-R, --raw

Output in raw format. If not specified, writes Wave file (RIFF headers).

-s n, --sign=n

Set signedness for output. 0 for unsigned, 1 (default) for signed.

-o filename, --output=filename

Write output to specified filename. This option is only valid if one input [file] is specified, or if raw mode is used.

see also

ogg123 , oggenc , vorbiscomment , flac , speexdec


Program Authors
Michael Smith <msmith[:at:]xiph[:dot:]org>

Manpage Authors
Frederick Lee <phaethon[:at:]linux.ucla[:dot:]edu>, assisted by a few million monkeys armed with keyboards in irc://

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