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produce modified copy of DVI file

see also : dviselect - dvitype


dvicopy [options] [infile[.dvi] [outfile[.dvi]]]

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for f in omega lambda odvicopy odvips odvitype ofm2opl opl2ofm otp2ocp outocp ovf2ovp ovp2ovf oxdvi ; do


This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive. The complete documentation for this version of TeX can be found in the info file or manual Web2C: A TeX implementation.

dvicopy reads a DVI file, expands any references to virtual fonts to base fonts, and writes the resulting DVI file. Thus you can use virtual fonts even if your DVI processor does not support them, by passing the documents through dvicopy first.



Override existing magnification with NUMBER.


Process NUMBER pages; default one million.


Start at PAGE-SPEC, for example ’2’ or ’5.*.-2’.

see also

dviselect , dvitype .


Peter Breitenlohner wrote the program. Klaus Guntermann originally ported it to Unix.

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