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D-Bus service providing OBEX functionality


obex-data-server [OPTIONS]

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depends libbluedevil &&
depends obex-data-server &&
depends obexd


obex-data-server is D-Bus service providing high-level OBEX client and server side functionality. It currently supports OPP (Object Push Profile), FTP (File Transfer profile) and partially BIP (Basic Imaging profile). Supported transports are Bluetooth, USB (client only) or TTY. obex-data-server exposes it’s functionality through ’org.openobex’ namespace in D-Bus.


-n, --no-daemon

Do not daemonize the service

-s, --system-bus

Use D-Bus System bus instead of the default Session bus

-l, --log

Log all messages to syslog

-d, --debug

Enable debugging messages

-v, --version

Show version of obex-data-server and exit immediately

reporting bugs

Report bugs to (obex-data-server project).


This manual page was written by Tadas Dailyda <tadas[:at:]dailyda[:dot:]com>.

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