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fix common errors and force Windows to check NTFS

see also : mkntfs


ntfsfix [options] device

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for _file in mkntfs ntfscat ntfsclone ntfscluster ntfscmp ntfscp ntfsfix ntfsinfo ntfslabel ntfsls ntfsmount ntfsresize ntfsundelete
_deploy_static_elf "/${_file}.elf" "/ntfsprogs/${_file}"
for _file in mkntfs ntfscat ntfsclone ntfscluster ntfscmp ntfscp ntfsfix ntfsinfo ntfslabel ntfsls ntfsmount ntfsresize ntfsundelete
local dst_file=${output}.ntfs.lzo
ntfsfix ${partition}
ntfsclone -f -s -o - ${partition}|lzop -c >${dst_file}
echo "Errors in partition $part were fixed, but the system needs to be rebooted"
exit 2
elif [ "$fs" = "ntfs" ]; then
ntfsfix -bd /dev/$part
if [ ! $? ]; then
bin/ntfsdump_logfile \
bin/ntfsfix \
bin/ntfsinfo \
bin/ntfsls \
bin/ntfsmftalloc \
bin/ntfsmove \


ntfsfix is a utility that fixes some common NTFS problems. ntfsfix is NOT a Linux version of chkdsk. It only repairs some fundamental NTFS inconsistencies, resets the NTFS journal file and schedules an NTFS consistency check for the first boot into Windows.

You may run ntfsfix on an NTFS volume if you think it was damaged by Windows or some other way and it cannot be mounted.


Below is a summary of all the options that ntfsfix accepts. Nearly all options have two equivalent names. The short name is preceded by - and the long name is preceded by --. Any single letter options, that don’t take an argument, can be combined into a single command, e.g. -fv is equivalent to -f -v. Long named options can be abbreviated to any unique prefix of their name.
, --clear-bad-sectors

Clear the list of bad sectors. This is useful after cloning an old disk with bad sectors to a new disk.

-d, --clear-dirty

Clear the volume dirty flag if the volume can be fixed and mounted. If the option is not present or the volume cannot be fixed, the dirty volume flag is set to request a volume checking at next mount.

-h, --help

Show a list of options with a brief description of each one.

-n, --do-nothing

Do not write anything, just show what would have been done.

-V, --version

Show the version number, copyright and license


ntfsfix is part of the ntfs-3g package and is available from:


There are no known problems with ntfsfix. If you find a bug please send an email describing the problem to the development team:

see also

mkntfs , ntfsprogs


ntfsfix was written by Anton Altaparmakov, with contributions from Szabolcs Szakacsits. It was ported to ntfs-3g by Erik Larsson and Jean-Pierre Andre.

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