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name network interfaces based on MAC addresses


nameif [-c configfile] [-s]
nameif [-c configfile] [-s] {interface macaddress}

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downup() {
local mac=$1
awk '{print $5,$7}' $TEMP | while read oif nif
ifconfig $oif down
nameif $nif $mac 2> $TEMP2
ifconfig $nif up
if [ -h /sys/class/net/$nif/address ]


nameif renames network interfaces based on mac addresses. When no arguments are given /etc/mactab is read. Each line of it contains an interface name and a Ethernet MAC address. Comments are allowed starting with #. Otherwise the interfaces specified on the command line are processed. nameif looks for the interface with the given MAC address and renames it to the name given.

When the -s argument is given all error messages go to the syslog.

When the -c argument is given with a file name that file is read instead of /etc/mactab.




nameif should be run before the interface is up, otherwise it’ll fail.


Only works for Ethernet currently.

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