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view xz or lzma compressed (text) files

see also : less - xz - xzmore - zless


xzless [file...]

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xzless is a filter that displays text from compressed files to a terminal. It works on files compressed with xz(1) or lzma(1). If no files are given, xzless reads from standard input.

xzless uses less(1) to present its output. Unlike xzmore, its choice of pager cannot be altered by setting an environment variable. Commands are based on both more(1) and vi(1) and allow back and forth movement and searching. See the less(1) manual for more information.

The command named lzless is provided for backward compatibility with LZMA Utils.



A list of characters special to the shell. Set by xzless unless it is already set in the environment.


Set to a command line to invoke the xz(1) decompressor for preprocessing the input files to less(1).

see also

less , xz , xzmore , zless

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