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show / manipulate wireless devices and their configuration

see also : ip - crda - regdbdump


iw [ OPTIONS ] { help | OBJECT COMMAND }

OBJECT := { dev | phy | reg }

OPTIONS := { --version | --debug }

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iw wlan4 set type ibss
ip link set wlan4 up
iw wlan4 ibss join 7xl 2437
ifconfig wlan4



print version information and exit.


enable netlink message debugging.

iw - command syntax

dev <interface name>

- network interface.

phy <phy name>

- wireless hardware device (by name).

phy#<phy index>

- wireless hardware device (by index).


- regulatory agent.

Specifies the action to perform on the object. The set of possible actions depends on the object type. iw help will print all supported commands.

see also

ip , crda , regdbdump , regulatory.bin

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