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Compile the Foomatic printer/driver database

see also : foomatic-ppdfile - foomatic-configure


foomatic-compiledb [ -t type ] [ -f ] [ -j ] [  driver ...  ]

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foomatic-compiledb generates all PPD files or Foomatic combo XML files for all possible printer/driver combos, or only for a selected range of drivers. It generally should not be necessary except for people who want to generate a set of Foomatic data files for distribution. For configuring single printers foomatic-ppdfile(1) and especially foomatic-configure(1) will automagically compute just what they need.


-t type

Output file type, either ppd or xml.


Force: Write into the destination directory even if it already exists.

-j n

n = number of work processes to run

driver ...

only generate data files for these driver(s)

exit status

foomatic-compiledb returns 0 unless something unexpected happens.


Existing files are always conserved instead of older files being overwritten. So deleting the destination directory (rm -rf dir) and calling foomatic-compiledb without the -f option is recommended.

Please post bug reports on

see also

foomatic-ppdfile , foomatic-configure


Manfred Wassmann <> and Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter[:at:]gmx[:dot:]net> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary.

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