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utility for maintaining TeX format files system-wide

see also : kpsewhich - update-fmtutil


fmtutil [OPTION...] COMMAND

fmtutil-sys [OPTION...] COMMAND

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fmtutil is used to create or recreate format and hyphenation files or show information about format files.

COMMAND is one of:


recreate all format files

--byengine enginename

(re)create formats that depend on the engine enginename

--byfmt formatname

(re)create the format for format formatname

--byhyphen hyphenfile

(re)create formats that depend on the hyphenation file hyphenfile


output the content of the config file

--disablefmt formatname

disable formatname in config file


no-op in TeX Live

--enablefmt formatname

enable formatname in config file


print a summary of commands and options


list (enabled and disabled) configurations, filtered to available formats


create all missing format files


recreate only existing format files

--showhyphen formatname

print the name of the hyphenation file for the format formatname


show version info


--cnffile file

specify the configuration file fmtutil should use


(not implemented, just for compatibility)

--fmtdir directory

set the destination directory for format files generated by fmtutil to directory


(not implemented, just for compatibility)


don’t use engine-specific subdir of the fmtdir


exit successfully if no format is selected


be silent


(not implemented, just for compatibility)



default configuration file


Debian-specific directory for configuration file snippets


None known, but report any bugs found to <tex-k[:at:]tug[:dot:]org> (mailing list).

see also

kpsewhich , update-fmtutil


fmtutil was written by Thomas Esser <te[:at:]dbs[:dot:]> and is in the public domain.

This manual page was written by C.M. Connelly <c[:at:]eskimo[:dot:]com>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system and later slightly adapted for the teTeX 3 release.

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