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daemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files manipulated by fakeroot processes.

see also : fakeroot - dpkg-buildpackage


faked [--debug] [--foreground] [--cleanup] [--key msg-key] [--load] [--save-file save-file] [--port TCP-port]

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If a fakeroot process wants to change the ownership of a file, then faked is the process that remembers that new owner. If later the same fakeroot process does a stat() for that filename, then the libfakeroot wrapped stat() call will first ask faked for the fake ownership etc of that file, and then report it.



Print debugging information on stderr.


Don’t fork into the background.

--cleanup  number

Cleanup the semaphores.

--key  key-number

Don’t allocate a new communication channel, but use channel specified by key. (If the specified channel doesn’t exist, it’s created).

--save-file  save-file

Save the environment to save-file on exit.


Load a previously saved environment from the standard input.


Use real ownership of previously-unknown files instead of setting them to root:root.

--port  tcp-port

Use TCP port tcp-port.


fakeroot is distributed under the GNU General Public License. (GPL 2.0 or greater).

manual page

mostly by J.H.M. Dassen <jdassen[:at:]debian[:dot:]org> mods/additions by joost and Clint.


None so far. Be warned, though: although I’ve written quite a few much larger (and smaller) programs, I’ve never written anything that was as tiny as fakeroot, had as many bugs as fakeroot, and still was as usable as, say, fakeroot version 0.0_3, the first version that could be used to build itself.

see also

fakeroot , dpkg-buildpackage , debuild /usr/share/doc/fakeroot/DEBUG


joost witteveen


Clint Adams


Timo Savola

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