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clean up leftover sockets in a directory


dbus-cleanup-sockets [DIRECTORY]

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BIN="awk sh cat chown date dmesg find env egrep gawk hostname ln mkdir mknod mktemp more netstat pwd stty touch uname basename chgrp cp df false grep ipcalc login mount ping rm sleep sync true usleep bash chmod cut echo fgrep gzip kill ls mv ps sed sort tar umount vi dd traceroute plymouth dbus-cleanup-sockets dbus-daemon dbus-monitor dbus-send dbus-uuidgen zcat"


The dbus-cleanup-sockets command cleans up unused D-Bus connection sockets. See for more information about the big picture.

If given no arguments, dbus-cleanup-sockets cleans up sockets in the standard default socket directory for the per-user-login-session message bus; this is usually /tmp. Optionally, you can pass a different directory on the command line.

On Linux, this program is essentially useless, because D-Bus defaults to using "abstract sockets" that exist only in memory and don’t have a corresponding file in /tmp.

On most other flavors of UNIX, it’s possible for the socket files to leak when programs using D-Bus exit abnormally or without closing their D-Bus connections. Thus, it might be interesting to run dbus-cleanup-sockets in a cron job to mop up any leaked sockets. Or you can just ignore the leaked sockets, they aren’t really hurting anything, other than cluttering the output of "ls /tmp"


Please send bug reports to the D-Bus mailing list or bug tracker, see


dbus-cleanup-sockets was adapted by Havoc Pennington from linc-cleanup-sockets written by Michael Meeks.

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