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calculate VESA CVT mode lines

see also : gtf


cvt [-v|--verbose] [-r|--reduced] h-resolution v-resolution [refresh]

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Cvt is a utility for calculating VESA Coordinated Video Timing modes. Given the desired horizontal and vertical resolutions, a modeline adhering to the CVT standard is printed. This modeline can be included in Xorg xorg.conf(5)



Provide a vertical refresh rate in Hz. The CVT standard prefers either 50.0, 60.0, 75.0 or 85.0Hz. The default is 60.0Hz.


Warn verbosely when a given mode does not completely correspond with CVT standards.


Create a mode with reduced blanking. This allows for higher frequency signals, with a lower or equal dotclock. Not for Cathode Ray Tube based displays though.

see also

xorg.conf, gtf


Luc Verhaegen.

This program is based on the Coordinated Video Timing sample implementation written by Graham Loveridge. This file is publicly available at <>. CVT is a VESA trademark.

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