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8-bit Big BibTeX version 0.99c


bibtex8 [options] aux-file

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pdflatex master;
bibtex8 master;
pdflatex master;
pdflatex master;
pdflatex main
bibtex8 --csfile cp1251 --big main
pdflatex main
pdflatex main
evince 'main.pdf' > /dev/null &
latex Ð?иплом
bibtex8 -B -c cp1251 Ð?иплом
latex Ð?иплом
latex Ð?иплом
mv tempprog.tex programming.tex
#dvipdfm -r 1200 Ð?иплом.dvi
sleep 1
sleep 1
sleep 1


8-bit BibTeX is an enhanced, portable C version of BibTeX 0.99. It has been enhanced in these areas:

- conversion to "big" (32-bit) capacity

- capacity selectable at run time

- flexible support for non-English languages using 8-bit character sets

- well matched to LateX2e and its "inputenc" package

Oren Patashnik, the creator of BibTeX, is working on a new BibTeX 1.0 that will be a modern implementation supporting large capacities and non-English languages (see TUGboat, pages 269--274, volume 15, number 3, September 1994). He is content for this version to be released, but hopes that people will eventually migrate to BibTeX 1.0 when it is released. Its release date is uncertain at the moment.


-? --help

display this help text

-7 --traditional

operate in the original 7-bit mode

-8 --8bit

force 8-bit mode, no CS file used

-c --csfile FILE

read FILE as the BibTeX character set and sort definition file

-d --debug TYPE

report debugging information. TYPE is one or more of all, csf, io, mem, misc, search.

-s --statistics

report internal statistics

-t --trace

report execution tracing

-v --version

report BibTeX version

-B --big

set large BibTeX capacity

-H --huge

set huge BibTeX capacity

-W --wolfgang

set really huge BibTeX capacity for Wolfgang

-M --min_crossrefs ##

set min_crossrefs to ##

--mcites ##

allow ## \cites in the .aux files

--mentints ##

allow ## integer entries in the .bib databases

--mentstrs ##

allow ## string entries in the .bib databases

--mfields ##

allow ## fields in the .bib databases

--mpool ##

set the string pool to ## bytes

--mstrings ##

allow ## unique strings

--mwizfuns ##

allow ## wizard functions


bibtex8 was written by Niel Kempson <kempson[:at:][:dot:]uk> and Alejandro Aguilar-Sierra <asierra[:at:]servidor.unam[:dot:]mx>. This manpage was written by Norbert Preining for Debian/GNU Linux and may be used, modified and/or distributed freely by anyone.

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