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package managing daemon proving a D-Bus interface

see also : aptdcon


aptd [OPTIONS]

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aptd allows to perform package management tasks, e.g. installing or removing software, using a D-Bus interface. The privileges are handled by PolicyKit so the client application doesn’t need to run as root. Furthermore aptd is started by D-Bus activation only when an user calls a method.


-d, --debug

Show additional information on the command line.

-h, --help

Show information about the usage of the command.

-r, --replace

Replace another aptd instance if it is running.


Write profiling data to PROFILE_FILE using Python’s profiler. This is only of use to developers.

-t, --disable-timeout

Do not shutdown the daemon after an idle time.


Instead of applying the changes to the system only show a progress. This option is only usable for developers to locate problems in client applications.


By default aptdaemon logs to the syslog facility AptDaemon. Furthermore you can use the -d option to get additional information on the command line.



Adds a small post update hook which will emit the org.debian.apt.CacheChanged signal on the system D-Bus to indicate that the cache has been changed and a possible running aptd instance should reloade its internal cache.


The PolicyKit definitions of the privileges used by aptdaemon, e.g. to install packages. To change the privileges please have a look at PolicyKit.conf(1).


The D-Bus configuration of the org.debian.apt name space.



You can report bugs at the Launchpad site of aptdaemon:

see also

aptdcon , org.debian.apt, org.debian.apt.transaction, PolicyKit.conf


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